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FlowWorks turns time-series data into actionable information

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If you are running up against this problem set, you're not alone:


  • The sensor data explosion caused by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


  • The data maze caused by vendor solutions that "don't play nice with others".


  • The vast amounts if public data that could, if only it was easily accessible, inform your analysis. A


  • And the ultimate problem – pulling all of this data together in a single interface to be better sense of data from your operations. 

Solving these problems is what FlowWorks is for. Spun out of Kerr Wood Leidel Consulting Engineers in 2014, FlowWorks is trusted to provide flow monitoring, analysis and reporting tools to many of the largest water utilities in the U.S. and Canada. The FlowWorks partner network includes engineering and IT services companies like AECOM, Core & Main, and K2 Geospatial. Today, FlowWorks is recognized as being at the forefront of AI-driven predictive analytics for Smart City and Industrial Infrastructure applications requiring Machine Learning (ML) innovation. 

  • FlowWorks is a powerful, cloud-based suite of flow monitoring, analysis and reporting tools that help you efficiently manage system-wide monitoring, check flow status and set alarms through a single interface.

  • FlowWorks accepts data from all sensor types (existing and new) and breaks barriers between propriety vendor systems. It monitors wastewater flow, rainfall, and other vital parameters in thousands of collection system metering points using real-time, historic, wireless, satellite, SCADA, public data sets including USGS, NOAA and weather forecasts. It doesn’t matter where the data originates or from which sensor. You can connect it with FlowWorks.

  • FlowWorks transforms raw time-series data into actionable information that uses ML to predict maintenance issues or prevent failures of mission-critical infrastructure.

To discover the FlowWorks feature set, click here, or click here to contact our sales team today. 

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