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Predictive Analytics Software

A Trusted Leader

Trusted since 2014 to provide environmental monitoring to many of the largest water infrastructure utilities in the U.S and Canada, infinitii ai has evolved into a leader in AI-driven software for Smart City water infrastructure and Smart Industry infrastructure operations that rely on time-series data.


infinitii ai's software ensures infrastructure facilities keep water, raw materials and energy resources flowing while alerting managers to preventive maintenance and process automation issues. Mission-critical operations take advantage of real-time results with data aggregration, data transformation and predictive analytics. 

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The Power of AI-driven Applications

infinitii ai's software products collect, cleanse, organize, store and analyze data in time series applications like Inflow & Infiltration (I&I)pump, valve and compressor performance predictions – while data transformation and streaming analytics allow you to add logic and algorithms for real-time processing. 

You can easily add other data sources from within the infrastructure site being monitored, sister sites for benchmarking, or from third-party external sources including energy usage, flow, and atmospheric data.

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Cloud-Based Approach

This big data, cloud-based approach combined with AI-enabled Machine Learning data models allows infinitii ai customers to mitigate risks that avoid costly downtime or contamination to natural ecosystems. Our customers also take advantage of predictive analytics on processes or forecasted events to optimize essential infrastructure.

Broad and Deep Partner Network

infinitii ai services Smart City and Smart Industry infrastructure customers directly or via a trusted partner network that includes engineering services integration and technology companies like AECOM, Core & Main, Kerr Wood Leidal, SCG Flowmetrix and K2 Geospatial.


This broad and deep partner network regularly collaborates on initiatives to deliver AI-driven predictive analytics solutions to new and existing customers seeking proven innovation.

Case Studies and Customer Scenarios

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The infinitii ai Sales Team is ready to discuss your needs. 

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