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infinitii ai VP Kevin Marsh interviewed by partner US3 at WEFTEC on new Machine Learning offerings

infinitii ai VP Kevin Marsh was interviewed at the most recent WEFTEC conference in New Orleans by Utility Systems, Science and Software Inc. (US3) where he discussed the importance of Wastewater AMI and how it is beneficial in smart city infrastructure operations. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of instrumentation, communications and information management.

Kevin also discussed infinitii ai's next generation of Machine Learning predictive analytics software including infinitii face pro. infinitii face pro is is a streaming analytics application for data transformation that allows you to add logic and algorithms for real-time processing. Users can deploy Machine Learning to manage and operationalize production-ready models for generating new data or output events such as predictions. With infinitii face pro you can build analytic models that act on sensor data or other data sources with its built-in script editor, using existing scripts from open-source libraries or ones you create.

Utility Systems Science & Software, Inc. (US3) provides engineering and field services 24/7 throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company was founded in 2002 as a specialty technical engineering service company with its headquarters located in Santa Ana, California, Service and Engineering Facilities in San Diego, Los Angeles and Houston.

US3 engineers and technical personnel have applied advanced instrumentation system technology to water/wastewater monitoring & control systems, pipeline evaluation, engineering and data analysis. Its industrial hardware & software solutions address production operations, production performance, utility intelligence, operations management and collaboration. By relentlessly focusing on solving its customers’ most pressing operational problems, and delivering robust, secure and easy to use solutions to solve those problems. US3 has grown to become one of the leaders in hardware/software solution providers for both water and electric utilities. To learn more visit for more information.


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