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Daily Commercial News: AI-powered software boosts Peel's sewer monitoring horsepower

Initiated by our partner SCG Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc., Daily Commercial News covered Region of Peel's decision to adopt infinitii ai's software as part of a contract to provide Consulting Services for Flow and Rainfall Data Delivery. The multi-year project will include the installation of over 350 sensors throughout Peel Region’s sewer network and more than 30 rain gauges to monitor and collect data for hydraulic modelling, capacity assessments, inflow and infiltration remediation, flood forecasting, regulatory reporting requirements, and more.

Over one billion points of data will be captured and analyzed over the life of this project, and advanced machine-learning and quality assurance software will drive more actionable insights.

The Region of Peel provides water and wastewater services to 1.5 million residents and over 175,000 businesses in the City of Brampton, City of Mississauga and Town of Caledon, Ontario, and handles 240 billion litres of water per year, equivalent to 263 Olympic swimming pools each day, through 3,723 kms of pipe.

Some of the key quotes in the article from Sam Mills, Vice President at SCG Flowmetrix:

“Informed decisions come from more data and more information. Our play with our bid to the region was really based on providing not only top-quality data, but more data than others and using more innovative software that provides deeper layers of data.”
“They’re all trying to get to this place where the predictive nature of it improves their accuracy and gives them a more sturdy platform to then take data from all these other sources. So cities are really looking at integrating sewer flow data with energy data, with capacity and population data, GIS software data — it’s really about bringing that horsepower together.”
“I’m going to want this sewer flow data, but I also want to put it up against my energy use data, and then I’m going to put that up against the gas usage data, and I’m going to start to draw better conclusions for the residents of my municipality to make sure that I’m making the best decision for them."
“It starts to give us better data to allow for risk management. So when we look at how that allows us to manage the risk of flooding, we can start to look at proactive measures that we can take to minimize flood damage, which lowers our total cost to the environment.”

To learn more, the full version of the Daily Commercial News article is here, the infinitii ai press release on the sale to Peel Region is here and the SCF Flowmetrix press release is here.


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