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infinitii real-time monitoring

Predictive Analytics Software for Smart Industry Infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence is providing competitive advantage to Smart Industry infrastructure operations that rely on time series data. Sensors and connected devices collect and transmit vast amounts of data which can be used to gain insights and make predictions about future trends and asset management issues.


infinitii ai’s predictive analytics software operationalizes Machine Learning algorithms that identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on real-time streaming data. Applied to time series data, this gives you the ability to use algorithms to reveal patterns in your data. infinitii ai technology enables Smart Industry managers to make proactive decisions and take preventative measures.

Deploy Machine Learning Models

Operationalizing Machine Learning models with infinitii ai software extracts new value from industrial infrastructure data streams that keep energy, assembly lines, health facilities and retail supply chains operating at peak efficiency while meeting environmental compliance goals.

High-value Applications

AI-driven predictive analytics can be used in a wide range of high-value Smart Industry applications including:

  • Predictive maintenance ­– Predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing for proactive maintenance

  • Anomaly detection ­– Detect unusual patterns or anomalies in industrial infrastructure performance

  • Energy management – Optimize energy usage in industry infrastructure facilities by predicting energy demand and adjusting production

  • Quality control – Monitor and control the quality of outputs in industrial infrastructure processes

  • Environmental monitoring – Monitor conditions in industrial infrastructure facilities such as air quality , water quality, seismic conditions or a combination thereof


Smart Industry Product Portfolio

Operating under our proven infinitii dataworks platform, infinitii ai offers three software products to solve industrial-strength data challenges for Smart Industry infrastructure operations – infinitii real-time monitoring, infinitii advanced calculation engine, and infinitii auto qa/qc:

infinitii real time monitoring

infinitii real time monitoring – is a powerful suite of monitoring, analysis and reporting tools enabling you to efficiently manage Smart Industry infrastructure operations.


Perform real-time analysis, check monitoring status and set alarms through a single interface. infinitii real-time monitoring lets you transform raw data into actionable information.

Connect to the Data Sources You Need

Serving as an open and data-neutral platform, infinitii real-time monitoring accepts all types of time-series data – from data logging devices, Historian servers, SCADA, or public data sets including satellite, NOAA, or USGS. It doesn’t matter where the data originates, you can connect it as you require with infinitii real-time monitoring software. 


All data sources are consolidated into one application from many different formats which allows for easy reporting and analysis. Once received, if data meets a pre-set condition an alarm can be triggered. You can create simple or complicated alarms from multiple data sources.

Monitoring and Alarm Notifications


With your data sources connected and flowing, Smart Industry infrastructure monitoring is now made easy. infinitii real-time monitoring allows you to:


  • Click on any data source to see current values and active alarms

  • View alarm status on a GIS infrastructure map

  • Define rules and conditions for alarm notifications

  • Receive instant emails, SMS, and voice notifications when an alarm occurs

  • Maintain fine-grained control of alarm settings, behavior, and recipient


Powerful Graphing and Reporting


infinitii real-time monitoring’s graphing capability enables you to visually display multi-channel data in the format of either a time-series or scatter plot graph.  Freely explore your data with zoom features and navigate through massive volumes of data efficiently.


Customizable Layouts


Customizable layouts allow you to control the colors, line types, and plot types. Choose how you want to visualize your data by controlling the number of axes, the labels, and how they are displayed. Quickly save and share your graphs with colleagues.


View Relationships and Correlations Between Data Channels


Scatter Plots allow you to view relationships and correlations  between two channels of data. A variety of curve fitting functions are available and can be used to visualize trends. For flow-based industrial processes, you can add manning equations or other types of variables and attributes related to your operations.


Access Your Data Using Other Applications


There are basic summary reports for daily, monthly, and yearly statistics. Alternatively you can export your data to a third party reporting application using infinitii real-time monitoring’s export feature. Use export to obtain raw data from multiple sites and channels. Export files are easily imported into Excel or other reporting and analysis applications. You can also automate transferring data using our API.

Click here for a PDF or for more information contact our Sales Team.


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infinitii real time monitoring is a suite of tools for smart industry operations

infinitii advanced calculation engine

infinitii advanced calculation engine – processes real-time data through Python and R scripts for discovery of patterns or prediction of events in large data-sets. It’s a data science application that supports model development and code-based experimentation. ML Ops teams can use it to operationalize and deploy production-ready models.

Easily deploy existing algorithms and calculations including functions from Python libraries data analysts use every day. It’s as simple as cutting and pasting your Python code into an intuitive interface, and then minutes or even seconds later see the code create new data.

Output your model in real time by transferring your code to our application, then apply it to streaming data. New calculated values can then be used for alarming and notification or shared through an API to third party applications.

Deploy Python and R Scripts in Real Time

Pull data from any source that generates the required information, process that data through a customized Python or R script, then map the output to a target data channel.

Templates and Bundles

Templates and bundles are two key concepts when deploying models with infinitii advanced calculation engine. Together, templates and bundles allow you to create your own custom programmatic solutions using Python or R to produce advanced data transformations. A template can be deployed in multiple bundles or, a single script can be re-used to transform many data channels which saves time and reduces chance of errors.  It also allows you to update a data transformation happening in multiple channels by simply changing the template.

Templates Define How Data is Handled

Templates define how your data will be handled by infinitii advanced calculation engine. Templates are where you keep your code scripted in Python or R, and where you define other details, like input channels, target channels, parameters and scheduling that are shared across bundles. They contain the actionable code with placeholders for parameters and variables that may vary from one data source to the next.

Bundles Are Instances of a Template

You can use templates repeatedly for different data sources by creating bundles. Bundles are instances of a template configured for use with a specific data source. When a bundle is created, the template placeholders are replaced with specific input, target channels and parameters. You can create any number of bundles from the same template.

Scripts Process Your Data

The core of any infinitii advanced calculation engine template is the Python or R script you use to process your data. Using a script to create data transformations or new calculated channels of information means you can perform complex calculations all at once instead of needing intermediary channels to manage the data.

Easily Integrate Third-party Applications and Online Data

Furthermore, infinitii advanced calculation engine’s scripting functionality is fully capable of integrating third-party applications, and can use data from those sources or online data sources when calculating the output to target data channels. This means that almost any time series data source can be used by infinitii advanced calculation engine directly, which greatly simplifies workflows involving multiple data sources.

Click here for a PDF or for more information contact our Sales Team.

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infinitii advanced calculation engine for ML Ops teams screen image

infinitii auto qa/qc 

infinitii auto qa/qc – performs Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) on any sensor data shifts or outliers that may distort results or falsely trigger alerts. Machine Learning models provide flags and predicted values based on data identified as sensor errors:

How Data is Identified for Further Action and Analysis

  • Data anomalies are flagged for further investigation by engineers and data analysts in their manual workflow

  • Certain anomalies may be deemed acceptable, and automatically eliminated from the data stream

  • Other anomalies may be automatically substituted with appropriate data values so operational parameters are maintained to make real-time predictions


Users can securely access infinitii auto qa/qc sensor anomaly detection results through any Internet-connected web browser. 


Additional features of infinitii auto qa/qc 

  • Reliably runs time-series anomaly detection in real-time

  • Able to run as a basic service across disparate systems spread throughout the organization Deploys many instances of the same QA/QC data model, but with different settings and properties

  • Keeps source code in one place for easy updates, maintenance and deployment across a large infrastructure installation


Automated Infrastructure Systems or One-off AI Test-bench Projects Benefit Equally


infinitii auto qa/qc has proven itself in large-scale infrastructure settings relied on to protect human health. It is an equally valuable tool for data analysts and engineers to use on AI test-bench projects to build and test new data models, manually examine detected anomalies to further refine the models, then deploy them in full production systems. Either way, infinitii auto qa/qc delivers.

Click here for a PDF or for more information contact our Sales Team.

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infinitii advanced calculation engine
infinitii auto qa/qc
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