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Predictive Analytics Software for Smart Industry Infrastructure

Product Portfolio

Sold and supported under the umbrella of the infinitii dataworks platform, infinitii ai's Smart Industry infrastructure product portfolio is focused on Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, and includes the following products:

infinitii real time


infinitii real time monitoring offers advanced data transformation and Machine Learning algorithm creation capabilities. Includes data ingestion, data hosting, email notification and alerts, reporting, unlimited number of users, maintenance and upgrades, and a custom dashboard

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infinitii auto qa/qc (beta)

infinitii auto qa/qc (beta) performs Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) on any sensor data shifts or outliers that may distort results or falsely trigger alerts. Machine Learning models provide different courses of action based on data identified from sensor errors.

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auto qaqc algorithmn correction_edited.j

infinitii advanced calculation engine

infinitii advanced calculation engine is a data science application used for discovery of patterns or prediction of events in large data-sets. Using its extensive API, the application supports Python and R scripts for code-based experimentation and model development, and ML Ops teams can use it to deploy Machine Learning to manage and operationalize production-ready models. Common uses include complex data transformation, forecasting, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and failure prediction

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api pro

infinitii api pro allows developers to extract site, channel and data point information for their sites using a RESTful web service and grants unlimited data transactions.

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