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Our Customers

infinitii ai's customers include major municipalities, smart cities and industrial infrastructure customers like Miami-Dade County, Region of Peel, Los Angeles County, York Region, City of Boston, City of Vancouver, and Teck Resources Ltd. 


As they safeguard their large infrastructure sites, engineers and managers have long sought “real-time” data. But with the relentless onslaught of high-impact events, they must also seek to understand what is going to happen, not just what happened in the past.


To accomplish this, they need AI-enabled Machine Learning software that can make predictions and produce alerts to give advance warning of environmental impacts. 

Trusted since 2014 to provide environmental monitoring to many of the largest water infrastructure utilities in the U.S and Canada, infinitii ai has evolved into a leader in AI-driven predictive analytics for Smart City and Smart Industry infrastructure applications that rely on time-series data.

Case Studies and Customer Scenarios

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